KLA Laboratories, Inc. Announces On The Fly POS Joins the KLArity Ecosystem Partners Platform

August 3, 2021 Dearborn, Michigan based KLA Laboratories, Inc., a 92-year-old family-owned information technology integration firm, is proud to announce On The Fly POS as a partner in the KLArity Ecosystem Partners Platform. The Platform was created to enable KLA to help their customers navigate the landscape of emerging technologies and the integration of those … Read more

On The Fly POS Adds Biometric Authentication to Stem Both Merchant And Consumer Fraud

biometric verification

Seeking to reduce merchant-account fraud, also known as merchant bust-out fraud, and provide merchants with a way to authenticate consumers, payments-technology provider On The Fly POS is adding Ipsidy Inc.’s Identity as a Service (IDaaS) biometric identity-verification technology to its platform. Ipsidy’s app validates a merchant’s identity by comparing a government issued photo identification, such … Read more

Ipsidy to provide On The Fly POS with its identify fraud prevention services

Ipsidy Inc (OTCQB:IDTY) CEO Phil Kumnick tells Proactive it will deploy passwordless login and transaction authorization for On The Fly POS, a US provider of cloud-based payment solutions. Kumnick says On The Fly POS, a subsidiary of The POS Lab, chose Ipsidy’s IDaaS platform to enhance the security and operational efficiency of its merchant point-of-sale … Read more

POS vs Cash Register

There are many point of sale benefits and advantages for your business. Unlike a cash register, POS systems make running your business easier and deliver greater insight. Though people prefer the basic functions of a cash register, upgrading to a POS system allows for more detailed reports along with inventory management and control. They are … Read more

Improve Productivity with On the Fly

Ask most restaurant business owners for some useful tips on how to boost sales and you may hear that customers order more when placing the order themselves rather than with a server. With servers concentrating on order processing and fulfillment, they have greater liberty to focus on upselling food and drinks. Furthermore, self-ordering means fewer … Read more

Order a Shot of Cuban Coffee with On the Fly

South Florida is peppered with Hispanic cafes and restaurants. Just about every Cuban restaurant you visit, for example, serves up an energizing shot of “Cafe Cubano”, the Cuban version of espresso that involves a sweetened and potent take that has long been a tradition in Miami as well as countless households. One of the places … Read more

Ask the Important Questions Before Choosing Your POS Solution

Ask the Important Questions Before Choosing Your POS Solution As with any major purchase, the purchase of the right POS system for your business has several pitfalls worth being aware of so that you make an informed decision. Before deciding on a solution, do your homework and ask the important questions. Some payment processors may … Read more

Texas-Based Business Seizes the Power of On the Fly

Recently, we celebrated the debut of On the Fly POS in the state of Texas and we’re proud to say that businesses are already taking advantage of its power and convenience. One of these businesses is Latin +58, serving customers deliciously authentic Venezuelan dishes since it was established in 2019. The eatery offers a broad … Read more