On The Fly Self Service Kiosk

Restaurant Kiosk Solutions to Drive Efficiency and Profitability.

Increase Service Speed.

Enable customers to place their own orders, and speed through peak hour rushes without breaking a sweat or sacrificing customer service. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen, helping to eliminate communication errors and product waste.


Shorten lines
With the self service kiosk, you can dramatically decrease wait times. Most customers prefer to use a self serve solution rather than stay in line especially during busy hours.

Save Money
Cut your payroll costs. Use the OTF self service kiosk to process orders without the need for additional resources. Free up your budget for other important operations.

The OTF self service kiosk solution allows you to upload a default image that will be displayed when the screen is idle, so you can promote marketing materials and products to your liking.

Receipt Printing
Set up customer and kitchen receipt printing for customer self checkout, in order to streamline business operations and increase speed of customer service.

Tip on screen
Prompted tip amounts increase staff tips and reduce turnover.

Make shopping easier with the self service kiosk
Your customers will love the quick and personalized service you provide with the On The Fly self service kiosk.

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