Celebrating Innovation: Manny Garcia’s Journey in Coral Gables Magazine

At On The Fly POS, we are immensely grateful and honored to share exciting news with our valued community. Our esteemed CEO, Manny Garcia, has been featured in the renowned Coral Gables Magazine as one of the esteemed Innovators of Coral Gables.

As a pioneering figure in the realm of point-of-sale systems, Manny’s dedication to innovation and excellence has propelled On The Fly POS to new heights, transforming the landscape of business operations. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Coral Gables Magazine for recognizing Manny’s visionary leadership and showcasing his contributions to our vibrant community.

Join us as we extend our sincerest appreciation and celebrate Manny Garcia’s well-deserved spotlight in Coral Gables Magazine.

From the Article:

Merriam Webster defines an “innovator” as someone who “makes changes” or “does something in a new way.” According to this definition, Coral Gables is filled with innovators.

Each year, our annual Innovation Issue highlights the city’s latest high-tech advances — in everything from transportation and law enforcement to city apps and sustainability programs. Now we’re focusing on the community’s most innovative feature: Its people.

The Coral Gables community is filled with hundreds of innovators who’ve found a new way to run a business or improve the community by using technology, financial savvy, or pure cleverness combined with perseverance. This year, we’ve decided to pay homage to our Gables innovators, highlighting a few who have used technology to improve the world, and a few who’ve simply relied on native ingenuity. In the end, all have dared to dream, and, as a result, have done something important to make our world — and our local community — a better place.

Manny Garcia: An Easier Way to Pay

“Why is it ever the case at a restaurant that you have to wave your hand or wait for the waiter to get a check? Why can’t you just pay on your phone and leave when you want?”

When Manny Garcia first started his legal career at the former Downs Brill Whitehead law firm in Coral Gables, he never thought he’d leave law. But in 2020, after working as the legal counsel for One Payment for nearly four years, Garcia decided to create his own point of sales (POS) system: On the Fly POS.


Founded months before the pandemic took hold in the U.S., On the Fly flourished with its innovative, contactless payment methods. The company now has just under 50 employees and operates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Garcia describes the beginning stages of working during the pandemic and coming up with new methods of payment that were not widely used or implemented at the time. “We were three months into the company, and we had this client, this huge hotel chain out of Las Vegas. This was in the middle of COVID, and they were like, ‘I heard you can put a QR code in every room in the hotel so people can order and pay there.’ We made like $30 a month off this huge chain, but that, for us, proved the concept worked.”

On the Fly currently offers both hardware-backed solutions and software-only packages, primarily catering to restaurants and retailers. But Garcia says the company can create customized solutions depending on whatever a business’ goal is. The primary mission is to “provide software and solutions that make things easier for business owners,” he says.

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