On The Fly Cloud POS System

and Mobile Ordering Platform

Intuitive cloud point of sale accelerates operations

With On The Fly’s cloud POS software, your point of sale needs will always be fulfilled. You never have to be concerned about staying up-to-date because we take care of it for you. Updates occur automatically on each POS terminal and it never costs an extra penny.

OTF POS allows you to manage all orders on a single portal. Waiters get new orders notifications , managers monitor the order status and history, guests get faster service. You will increase the turnover and customer satisfaction with a single tool.

OTF Mobile is the perfect tool for restaurantscafesshops and other business types to provide their customers with an attractive QR menu, digital menu and help them order with a few simple clicks.

  • Order Anywhere! Delivery or Pickup Orders Available!
  • No Touching of Menus
  • No Handing of Tickets to Kitchen
  • No Presenting Bills to Customers
  • No Exchanging of Credit Cards

Capabilities include

  • Large Touchscreen Ordering
  • Support for multiple languages 
  • Pay and Order on the Device
  • Product Integration with Pictures and Videos
  • Handheld EMV enabled Mobile Terminals
  • Format promotes customers to order more
  • User Backend (easy admin to update Products, Pictures, Videos, etc.)
  • Tools for hiding unavailable products and activating orders
  • Client feedback and social media sharing options
  • Detailed information and photo of each product.
  • Showcase Best Selling/Recommendations
  • Email or Printed Receipts
  • Ability to Push Products
  • Send Orders to the Correct Department
  • Multifunctional and user-friendly interface with various tools for adding, editing and deleting products
  • Making orders by just one click with both cash and card payments.
  • Easily managing orders from the admin portal

Mobile Ordering System / Scan QR Code and Get Restaurant Menu

OTF Mobile an online food order platform using QR codes, now is changing the way for new generation ordering food. 

How to use it? 

  • The most direct way is to scan QR code in restaurants. 
  • When you are not at the restaurant, you can order whatever you want to eat on the platform with several figure clicks and choose either pick up or delivered to you by restaurants. 
  • When you are at the restaurant, you can simple scan the QR code to order and make payments. People can order food without distance limitation and have more fun from group order. 

For restaurants, On The Fly Mobile can also reduce the order errors by letting customers make their own choices and confirmation. When customers are able to order food from their smart-phones, you could hire less employees and it would save 10 to 15 minutes to serve for each table. In result, the turnover rate increase. 

Socially Distant POS
Socially Distant POS

Self-service solutions your guests demand

Add new ordering technology to increase revenue without the need for complex IT integrations.

No training necessary

Make menu, item, and pricing changes on the fly across any and all locations. Run your business with real-time analytics.

On The Fly РОЅ іѕ ѕо іntuіtіvе thаt uѕеrѕ nееd vіrtuаllу nо trаіnіng. Іtѕ соlоr-соdеd іtеmѕ, mеnu grоuрѕ, ісоnѕ, рісturеѕ, lаrgе buttоnѕ, аnd rеаdаblе lаbеlѕ are designed to make it easy for anyone with a basic understanding of touchscreen devices to use with little to no training.