Cash Discount Program

Provide customers with an incentive to pay with cash by offering a discount off the regular price when making cash purchases.


Processing fees can take a huge chunk out of your bottom line, why not offset them with a cash discount program?

What is a Cash Discount Program?

A Cash Discount program is a way to offset some or all of your processor fees using a method that is automated by On The Fly POS, and compatible with guidelines form Visa, Mastercard, and processing regulations. By adding a small fee to all sales and providing discounts for those that choose to pay with cash, you can keep more of your sales revenue without raising prices.

You need to notify all customers of the program via simple signage, and On The Fly POS makes sure the receipt clearly identifies how much of a cash discount each customer receives.

OTF Cash Discount

A cash discount program passes the cost of acceptance, in most cases 4%, back to customers who choose to pay with a credit or debit card. For those who decide to pay by cash, it provides a DISCOUNT of that same 4% on the transaction. Customers who choose to pay with a card will pay the marked amount because the processing cost is built into the cost of the item. This allows the business owner to recoup the full amount of the transaction and not incur any credit card processing fees.

For example, a transaction that normally costs $10.00 will now be automatically updated to include a service fee of 4%, or $0.40. If a merchant decides to pay with a credit card, they will pay $10.40 ($10.00 + the service fee of $0.40). If they decide to pay by cash, they will receive an instant “cash discount” of 4%, bringing the transaction back to the original $10.00.

True cash discount programs will automatically determine the service fee or discount amount depending on the payment type and must present a clear receipt detailing the service fee or cash discount amount. The merchant must also display proper signage, which we provide, at the point of entry and at their register informing their customers they are implementing a cash discount program. If done correctly, merchants set up on a cash discount program can save up to 95% of their monthly processing fees!

Is it legal to offer a Cash Discount program?
Offering a cash discount program is completely legal in all 50 states. The legality of passing fees to customers is covered by the Durbin Amendment as part of the Financial Reform Act. As long as the program is properly disclosed to the customer, it is a great way for merchants to save the good majority of their credit card processing fees, which, in most cases, can add up to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each month.

What type of businesses use OTF POS Cash Discounting?
On The Fly POS Discounting is the perfect solution for a variety of businesses including retail, quick service restaurants, food trucks and fine dining establishments.

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It’s not hard to understand why, since most business owners are losing anywhere between 2-4% in credit card processing fees with every transaction.

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