Technology adoption in Restaurants – Introducing the OnTheFly Food Menu on Tablets

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The era of taking orders with pen paper in the restaurant industry is becoming pretty orthodox, nowadays restaurants are using tablets for taking orders from customers for simplify the workflow and to increase the customer experience.

Menu management for restaurants is a very expensive process, not simply in terms of the costs of making the menus but also through intangible, indirect costs like varying commodity prices, ability to react to consumer feedback and unavailability of certain items due to unforeseen circumstances.

On The Fly
Rodbenders Digital Menu

Tablets based digital menu platform gives restaurants the ability to manage menus dynamically and also enhances the guest experience at the restaurant. The guest can now browse the digital menu with High Definition images of menu items, description of item, key ingredients etc. and also place orders from the Table. The seamless workflow benefits restaurants with an increase in revenue through an increase in order tab, faster table turns and repeat customers.

Use the advantages provided by On The Fly digital menu in order to show your entire offer to guests. Bring it closer to your guests with the help of photos, video material and detailed descriptions in whatever language you choose. Improve your communication with guests, make their choices easier and give them an unforgettable ordering experience.

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OTF POS allows you to manage all orders on a single portal. Waiters get new orders notifications , managers monitor the order status and history, guests get faster service. You will increase the turnover and customer satisfaction with a single tool.

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