On the Fly Arrives in the Entertainment Capital of the World

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We have some exciting news to share today, ladies and gentlemen. We are proud to announce that On the Fly POS is now fully active in “Sin City”, better known as Las Vegas!

A Vegas moves to reopen, we know that social distancing is still being encouraged. On the Fly handles basic aspects of the business quickly while dramatically reducing interaction with others. Customers can browse through products, make their orders, and pay on their mobile devices from home or upon arriving at the business.

Customers can choose to have an order picked up or delivered and the entire checkout process can be performed on their device, which means no exchange of cash or credit cards. The subtotal remains visible at all times without the need to leave the menu so customers always know what to expect when it comes time to pay.

Using On the Fly, physical menus are unnecessary and there are no tickets needed to be handed over to the kitchen staff, considerably improving productiveness and efficiency. Businesses can focus on quicker order fulfillment in a safer environment while minimizing human contact.

Please contact us for more information on using On the Fly with your Las Vegas business.

This update is by “You Can Put It Anywhere” On The Fly POS, a business point of sale app focused on being easy to use, yet providing a highly effective digital tablet system. Our system integrates seamlessly with modern POS systems. Features include easy payment processing, a user-friendly backend, email or printed receipts, and support for high-quality photos and video. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, visit our website or email info@ontheflypos.com.

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OTF POS allows you to manage all orders on a single portal. Waiters get new orders notifications , managers monitor the order status and history, guests get faster service. You will increase the turnover and customer satisfaction with a single tool.

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