OTF Catering and Future Orders

Customers can preorder anywhere from 1 hour to 7 days before they want to receive or pickup their order.

On The Fly POS

Creating a Future Order from POS

Begin a Future Order instantly on your OTF POS

Easily kickstart future orders right from your OTF POS system, streamlining your workflow and ensuring customer satisfaction. With instant order initiation, you can plan ahead and stay ahead in your business.

Schedule the date and time of the Order
Effortlessly set the precise date and time for your orders, ensuring perfect timing and customer convenience. Our scheduling feature puts you in control, making it easy to plan and deliver orders with precision and reliability.

Collect full or partial payment on your OTF POS Device.
Seamlessly collect full or partial payments, providing convenience to your customers and improving cash flow management.

For customers who prefer use the Online Ordering Platform, OTF POS offers a website specifically for Online and Future Orders.

Customers can preorder anywhere from 2 hours to 10 days before they want to receive their order. Future dated orders remain in the cloud until the Interval (mins) and Interval (days) values allow the order to be sent to the POS.


Some Features

  • View upcoming future orders online or directly through the point of sale.
  • Edit or cancel a future order at any time.
  • Leverage our print options to print at the time of the order, the day of the order, or the time of order (adjusted by current lead time.

Operate with ease..

Very convenient for businesses that regularly have pre-orders, like bakeries. You take these orders by entering name and address, together with the desired time of pick-up or delivery. You can also register whether an order is (partly) paid for in advance or not.

Scheduled Orders POS