Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Without customers there is no restaurant. Hence, customer satisfaction is absolutely of the essence, and it is among the make or break factors that will determine the success of a restaurant. Loyal customers that genuinely enjoy making repeat visits are the differing factor from those that simply like the menu. Upon entering a restaurant, the entire customer experience should be nothing short of outstanding.

Beyond ensuring staff is providing top-notch service, part of improving the customer experience is having a welcoming ambiance. There is tons of research showing that the use of certain color schemes and lighting can affect a customer’s mood.

Complimentary Wi-Fi is more than just an extra benefit. If your customers often bring their children to the restaurant, Wi-Fi can ensure they will remain connected when they fire up their games and apps on a tablet.

Speaking of tablets, we can’t forget the importance of a POS system. This tool can go both ways in improving customer satisfaction as well as streamlining the restaurant process. From making orders to seeing the menu and checking out, it’s a vital tool. Plus you can also use it to make suggestions for food and drink pairings, potentially upselling and generating more sales.

This update is by On The Fly POS, a restaurant point of sale app focused on a simple to use, yet highly effective digital tablet menu system. Our system can replace paper menus using a modern solution available in multiple languages that integrates seamlessly with modern POS systems. Features include table ordering and payment, a user-friendly backend, email or printed receipts, and menu integration complete with high-quality photos and video. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, visit our website or email info@ontheflypos.com.

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On The Fly POS is an easy-to-use Cloud Based point-of-sale (POS) that helps businesses of all sizes reach their full potential through the power of cloud technology.
“On The Fly” POS helps business owners gain control over processing payments, generating reports, managing staff, and organizing inventory. In addition to the many features, the software has been designed as an easy to set up and use Point of Sale System. The user-friendly interface ensures that your business will be ready to trade within minutes.

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