Developing the Skill of Menu Suggestions

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As your customers are browsing your electronic menu on your POS system, there will likely come a moment when someone can’t make up their mind and decides to ask for a recommendation. Having a team that’s well-trained on recommendations can boost sales, word of mouth, and relationships with repeat customers.

There’s a correct and incorrect way to do virtually anything, and that includes menu suggestions. Make recommendations correctly and it may result in better credibility and trust. Do it poorly and you’ve just missed a potentially lucrative opportunity.

Think about when you’re recommending something like a movie to a friend. Chances are you elaborate on the movie versus simply saying whether it was good. Hence, you want to avoid making generic statements like saying that everything in the restaurant tastes great. While that may indeed be the case, it doesn’t help the customer narrow down their options and make a decision. Elaborate on why a particular item so good. Maybe it’s the seasoning or the special sauce used.

This update is by On The Fly POS, a restaurant point of sale app focused on a simple to use, yet highly effective digital tablet menu system. Our system can replace paper menus using a modern solution available in multiple languages that integrates seamlessly with modern POS systems. Features include table ordering and payment, a user-friendly backend, email or printed receipts, and menu integration complete with high-quality photos and video. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, visit our website or email

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