Contactless Payment Is the Future

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Businesses seeking to allay the fears of customers during the COVID-19 pandemic may need to look beyond social distancing and concentrate their efforts on other areas where they may be issues with safety, such as the checkout experience for instance.

Per a recent survey by Mastercard, nearly eighty percent of shoppers around the world are opting for contactless payments as factors like cleanliness and safety remain major concerns. Another survey evaluating over 7,000 consumers around the world shows that over fifty percent of them experience greater happiness when they use contactless solutions.

With contactless transactions skyrocketing compared to those that are non-contactless at stores, other retailers planning to open their doors soon may wish to evaluate introducing a contactless POS platform if they haven’t already done so. In fact, this phenomenon seems to be here to stay as more than seventy percent of shoppers claim they will stick to using contactless payment solutions once the pandemic is over.

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