Developing the Skill of Menu Suggestions

As your customers are browsing your electronic menu on your POS system, there will likely come a moment when someone can’t make up their mind and decides to ask for a recommendation. Having a team that’s well-trained on recommendations can boost sales, word of mouth, and relationships with repeat customers. There’s a correct and incorrect … Read more

Engineer Your Menu for Maximum Profit

There is more to your restaurant menu than simply the items you’re selling. Your menu is an integral marketing tool that serves as something of a first impression. Considering that customers spend about 100+ seconds examining the menu, it’s worth making sure that it reflects your brand while also maximizing your profit via menu engineering. … Read more

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Without customers there is no restaurant. Hence, customer satisfaction is absolutely of the essence, and it is among the make or break factors that will determine the success of a restaurant. Loyal customers that genuinely enjoy making repeat visits are the differing factor from those that simply like the menu. Upon entering a restaurant, the … Read more

Gain Valuable Insight with Your POS Solution

Managing the day-to-day responsibilities of a restaurant is no easy task. It requires tremendous work and hours while juggling multiple aspects like inventory, menus, finances, and more. With a point of sale (POS) cloud-based solution, it’s much easier to keep track of important metrics and insights that can help ease the daily tasks and drive … Read more

Turning First-Time Guests Into Loyal Restaurant Patrons

Customers are the lifeblood of a restaurant, especially those that become loyal patrons. Considering how competitive the restaurant business is, how do you go about turning a first-time guest into a loyal customer? Consistency is a major component of the customer experience. If you’ve been to a restaurant, you know how off-putting it can be … Read more

What Technology Do You Need for Your Restaurant?

You’ve decided this year will be the one when you decide to launch your food business. You’ve developed a solid business plan, you’ve meticulously created your brand, you have an ideal location, and you have a team ready to help you achieve success. While these are all fundamental factors in the success of your business, … Read more

The Benefits of Full Restaurant Integration

While tablet-based ordering is becoming increasingly common, restaurant technology continues to evolve in ways that make them more and more essential in helping restaurants run smoothly. The website Restaurant Business presents a great article about “integrated restaurants” and how essential POS systems are to these businesses nowadays. A well-integrated POS system is one that can … Read more

Save Valuable Time with a Restaurant POS App

Implementing a point of sale (POS) system into a successful restaurant can potentially boost the momentum and turn it into an even larger success. A modern POS solution can massively improve operations by significantly expediting common operations such as the ordering process, managing inventory, and checking out. Let’s examine customer orders, for example. Traditionally, your … Read more

How Do Payment Systems Work?

The payment gateway is what enables a merchant to accept payments via credit card, whether that’s online or physically. They are comprised of the physical card-reading systems and payment terminals plus the transaction payment processing portals. You’ve likely noticed that most restaurants have also adopted payment services like Google Pay and Apple Pay, courtesy of … Read more