Can you imagine a world with no paper receipts?

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A new law proposing a ban on paper receipts cleared a big hurdle in the California state legislature.

Assembly Bill 161 is similar to the law that bans plastic straws in California. Restaurant customers must now request a plastic straw instead of receiving a paper one, KTLA reports.

Businesses would have until 2022 to fully use electronic receipts, unless a customer requests a paper version.

The sponsor of the bill says it will reduce waste, especially from those extra long receipts that people get from certain stores (*cough* CVS).

“If we are looking at reducing waste, probably the easiest thing we can do is get rid of the material that someone hands us that we don’t want that we hold onto until we get to the next trash can and then throw away,” said Nick Lapis of Californians Against Waste, a bill supporter.

Source: Local 10

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