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On the Fly Mobile Is the Social Distancing App

One of the major features that sets On the Fly (OTF) POS apart is how flexible it is. Even as cities return to a degree of normalcy and reopen, social distancing is still a major priority and it is still being strictly enforced. With OTF, you can enjoy your meals

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Sell More with Product Pictures

A fundamental component of any restaurant business is the menu. The menu is where the customer gets a first impression of what the food may be like and what options are available to them. In most cases, these menus name the item and describe it but that’s where it ends.

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Managing Your Business as Cities Reopen

With cities relaxing their stay at home orders somewhat and allowing businesses to reopen under certain restrictions, small businesses may have a lot of work to do to prepare and ensure customers, as well as staff, are safe. If your business remained in operation, were there any areas that became

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A Few Point-of-Sale Advantages

Prior to the pandemic, online ordering was already gaining tremendous prominence. With dine-in revenue slowing down, a POS ordering system can provide several advantages for your business. More revenue. With an ordering system, customers can carefully choose what they want without feeling pressured and they may even make larger orders

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Driving Sales with Your POS

Are you familiar with the Pareto principle? It says 80 percent of the revenues come from only 20 percent of customers when viewed through the lens of marketing and sales. The concept is relevant to this day and reinforces the importance of providing your best customers premium treatment while making

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Restaurant Self-Ordering Kiosk

With an automated Kiosk point of sale, your guests can order at their own pace and build their meals the way they want without needing to ask for help. By automatically offering them upgrades, our order Kiosk can prompt your guests with upselling opportunities they might not have known were available.