A Few Point-of-Sale Advantages

Prior to the pandemic, online ordering was already gaining tremendous prominence. With dine-in revenue slowing down, a POS ordering system can provide several advantages for your business.

More revenue. With an ordering system, customers can carefully choose what they want without feeling pressured and they may even make larger orders as they explore more of the menu. With solutions On the Fly, ordering is done on the customer’s mobile device.

Better accuracy. One of the most frustrating things for a customer and the business is when an order is inaccurate. The customer is angry and, in the case of the business, it means food goes to waste. Online or mobile orders allow for improved accuracy, reducing the chances of a mix-up.

More profit. Having your POS system cuts out the middleman that may require taking a portion of your profits. Aside from the flat fee for the POS solution, the majority or entirety of the transaction goes into your pocket.

Useful customer data. An ordering system in-house allows you to record customer information for each transaction and order patterns. This useful data tell you who your regular online customers, what they are most ordering, and when they are doing it. Collecting customer data lets you create a more customized guest experience and create more effective marketing.

This update is by “You Can Put It Anywhere” On The Fly POS, a business point of sale app focused on being easy to use, yet providing a highly effective digital tablet system. Our system integrates seamlessly with modern POS systems. Features include easy payment processing, a user-friendly backend, email or printed receipts, and support for high-quality photos and video. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, visit our website or email info@ontheflypos.com.

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About On The Fly POS

On The Fly POS is an easy-to-use Cloud Based point-of-sale (POS) that helps businesses of all sizes reach their full potential through the power of cloud technology.
“On The Fly” POS helps business owners gain control over processing payments, generating reports, managing staff, and organizing inventory. In addition to the many features, the software has been designed as an easy to set up and use Point of Sale System. The user-friendly interface ensures that your business will be ready to trade within minutes.

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