Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs Self-Service Kiosks

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In 2004, self-service kiosks set out to re-engineer the entire airline industry. The traditional counter check-ins promoted long lines, disgruntled customers, and high labor costs. By 2012, 80 percent of frequent fliers checked-in via a self-service kiosk compared to only 20 percent just eight years earlier. Fast forward to 2018. Self-service kiosks are expanding into … Read more

8 POS Trends for 2021/2022: Latest Predictions You Should Be Thinking About

The push for less human contact due to the raging pandemic has translated to the exponential growth of mobile point of sale transactions. Online retailers are cashing in heavily on escalating cashless transactions, expanding offerings to further boost their earnings. POS systems have gone from merely being a tool to record sales transactions to a … Read more