Modernize Payments With a POS Solution

How are you going about accepting payments? Should you stick to increasingly obsolete Credit Card Terminal registers? Are merchant fees affecting your bottom line? If your business is open to the prospect of embracing the latest payment solutions that make use of technology like NFC and touchless payments, it’s time to consider evolving. Using POS … Read more

Technology-Forward Businesses Are Embracing POS Solutions

While COVID-19 has forced stores and restaurants to change things up, dining establishments in particular need to be ready to respond once the pandemic has subsided and social distancing is no longer a necessity. Under normal circumstances, customers display strong preferences for technologies that allow them to take care of orders digitally via apps, kiosks … Read more

Simple Ways to Happier Customers

Whether it’s a retail store or restaurant, first impressions are everything with customers. In just a few minutes, a first-time customer can make an opinion, and that can be the determining factor. That being said, there are some fairly simple ways to potentially keep a customer satisfied. For starters, don’t just say hello. Instead, greet … Read more

Online Order POS Integration Provides Many Advantages

Integrating online orders with a POS system is now commonplace. Food outlets can offer ordering online through various apps where customers are prompted to enter a location. Upon entering their order and location, the POS system accepts the order and payment, using the POS system’s payment processing capabilities. With an online ordering enabled POS system, … Read more

Is It Time to Modernize With a POS Solution?

Point of sale (POS) systems and apps have revolutionized the way businesses interact with their customers. Furthermore, modern payment options mean customers can forego cash while still paying securely. With most people using smartphones, now is the time to upgrade to a POS if you haven’t already done so. Let’s explore a few reasons why … Read more

Determining Your Point of Sale Aprp Solution

While there is no one universal solution when it comes to selecting a POS, it is good to know that there is now a broader range of options for both existing small to medium-sized companies and new retailers still operating in startup mode. There are important considerations that are often ignored by businesses looking to … Read more

Developing the Skill of Menu Suggestions

As your customers are browsing your electronic menu on your POS system, there will likely come a moment when someone can’t make up their mind and decides to ask for a recommendation. Having a team that’s well-trained on recommendations can boost sales, word of mouth, and relationships with repeat customers. There’s a correct and incorrect … Read more